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How to go from Barcelona airport to the center

How to go from Barcelona airport to the center

Just landed in El Prat? We tell you how to get from Barcelona airport to the center: choose the way that is most practical for you!

Choosing the most appropriate means will strictly depend on the terminal you have arrived at, in Barcelona there are 2, there are T1 and T2. You must bear in mind that the price will vary according to the time or comfort that each transport takes. Without further ado, we leave you with the post…


The aerobus, in our opinion, is the best way to go from Barcelona airport to the center. This aerobus connects the airport with Plaza Catalunya. It is the option that most tourists choose and it is the one that will make your life easier when planning your arrival in the city center.

It only has three stops along the route. It departs from both terminals and the tour lasts approximately 40 minutes. There are buses 24 hours a day with a frequency of five minutes during the day and twenty at night.

The price of the ticket is € 5.90 (€ 11.20 round trip) and you can buy it on the same bus. To learn more about their schedules and details you can visit the website here.

The Aerobus is the best option to go from the Barcelona airport to the city center.


The cheapest way to go from Barcelona airport to the city center

If you have a hotel in Plaça Espanya this is the best and cheapest option since bus 46 stops there. Also, unlike the aerobus, it is much cheaper since a ticket costs 2.40 euros. If it is at night, you can use the Nit Bus N17 or N18 to get to the center for the same price.

It takes between 40 and 45 minutes to reach your destination and has several stops in between, which makes it a slower transport than the aforementioned. In addition, it has fewer seats and less space for luggage, so you probably travel a little more uncomfortable.

Their frequencies range from 15 to 20 minutes. How to go cheaply from Barcelona airport to downtown? Bus 46 is your answer.

Train: Rodalies, the best option if you’re landing in T2

Without a doubt, the train is the most comfortable alternative after the taxi, it connects the Barcelona airport with the center. However, only the old terminal has a train station, so if you arrive at T1, you must use the shuttle bus to make the transfer to T2, which takes about 15 minutes.

The Rodalies train connects you with the center of Barcelona in just 25 minutes, it has stops in the middle and the most central is Passeig de Gracia, getting off here and walking a few minutes will reach Plaza Catalunya. They depart every 30 minutes and the ticket costs approximately five euros.

By Metro

The metro is another means of transport if you are looking to go from the airport to the center of Barcelona. It is a practical means since it has stops at both terminals in El Prat, but you must change if you want to get to Plaza Catalunya.

If you want to take the metro, you must bear in mind that the airport line is L9 Sud that ends in Zona Universitaria. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes and the ticket costs around five euros.

Keep in mind that if you have to get to central areas you will have to transfer and the journey will take too long, if you are in a hurry this may not be your best option.

By Taxi

Along with the private transfer, the taxi is the fastest and most comfortable way of how to go from Barcelona airport to the center. This journey costs approximately 30 euros and if there is not much traffic it will take between 20 and 25 minutes.

The taxi, unlike the private transfer, has a surcharge for luggage and others, keep this in mind when choosing your transport.

Private transfer

The private transfer is undoubtedly the most comfortable option in relation to the aforementioned, it is also worth clarifying that the cost is significantly more expensive.

You will have someone from the contracted company waiting for you at the airport with a sign in which you will read your last name. Its value is similar to that of the taxi in Barcelona, ​​if they are a group of three people they will pay 13 euros each, on the other hand if seven people travel they will pay approximately 7 euros each.

On the other hand, if fourteen people traveling, yes, fourteen! you will pay five euros each. In other words, this means of transport is convenient for large groups of people.

And so far our post, we hope you liked it and that it has served you much better. If this has been the case, do not hesitate to continue on our website and read the best activities to do in Barcelona (insert link to do in Barcelona).

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