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What to do in Barcleona: 10 ideas for your trip

What to do in Barcleona: 10 ideas for your trip

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What to do in Barcelona: 10 typical and original plans to make you fall in love with the Catalan capital

You have a vacation scheduled and you are wondering what to do in Barcelona? This beautiful city has a hundred proposals to make your trip pleasant and unforgettable, excursions for all ages, guaranteed enjoyment for adults and children.

Beach, mountains, amusement parks, cathedrals and sports. Barcelona has it all and in this blog we will show you some of the proposals that we consider most attractive for you.

Visiting the Sagrada Familia

Without a doubt, knowing the Sagrada Familia is one of the essential things to do in Barcelona, ​​the icon of the city and one of the many works of the magnificent Antoni Gaudi that you will find there.

We have a section dedicated exclusively to the Sagrada Familia, you can take a look at it. Guided tours are always one of the best alternatives to know in depth each of the details and secrets that the Sagrada Familia has for you.

Guided tours are always one of the best alternatives to know in depth each of the details and secrets of the Sagrada Familia.

Walking down Las Ramblas

Anyone who has vacationed in the city at some point will talk about the Rambla. It is one of those things to do in Barcelona as a must.

Here you will find stalls everywhere, you will also have the opportunity to sit down to eat something in the bars that adorn it. Souvenirs, bars and street artists, each of them have their place on the Ramblas. Order reigns and allows you to fully enjoy your visit.

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Exploring the Barceloneta
The fishermen’s neighborhood was practically uninhabited until 1754, which was precisely when the fishermen arrived to settle due to the neighborhood’s proximity to the sea. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular neighborhoods in Barcelona and one of the most visited by tourists.

You cannot leave the city without visiting the beach and visiting the old buildings and churches that adorn it. You can also visit the Clock Tower or the Museum of History of Catalonia.

Palau de la Música Catalana

Completed in 1908, the Palau de la Música Catalana represents Catalan modernism, has excellent acoustics and has brought together numerous artists of world renown.

Its colorful display cabinets and its relief sculptures are an invitation to everyone, from a child who enjoys the variety of colors to a passionate about architecture who will be fascinated by the views offered by this beautiful place.

If you wonder what to do in Barcelona, ​​the Palau de la Música Catalana is always a perfect option for a tour of the culture and architecture that the city has to offer.

The Montjuic Mountain

If you want to have the best views of the city, visiting Montjuic has to be on your list of what to do in Barcelona. Within this place you can do a hundred activities: the castle, the magic fountain, the Olympic Ring, the Museum of Art of Catalonia (MNAC), the botanical garden, among many other activities that this mountain has to offer.

In addition, if you are passionate about photography, it is the right place to rejoice with these dream landscapes. We recommend attending at sunset and enjoying a sunset from there.


Continuing with the same idea as the previous point, we invite you to get to know Tibidabo. Located at nothing more and nothing less than 512 meters above sea level, this place is one of those that could easily be a movie. From there you will have the best panoramic view of the city and get to know the oldest amusement park in Spain and the fifth in all of Europe.

Relax … its attractions are in perfect condition so you can spend some unforgettable moments at an exorbitant height. In addition, you can visit the Torre de Collserola, the Barcelona Radio Pavilion and the church that is located at the peak of the neighborhood.

The Rooftop of Las Arenas

Formerly a bullfighting ring, after this practice was banned in Catalonia it was converted into a shopping center. You can go up to the dome where you will have a 360 ° viewpoint towards Plaza Espanya, Montjuic and the Eixample neighborhood.

To go up you must enter the shopping center and go find the elevator or the stairs. There is an alternative with an outside elevator but it is for a fee. From inside you can go up for free. And it is a very nice activity to do in Barcelona.

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